Pre-Operation Room

A preparation room is a place where, as the name suggests, the animal is prepared before the intervention.

In this room, the animal is prepared for its anesthesia, ie we set up a catheter (venous approach), an injection is made in this catheter to anesthetize your companion.

A tracheal tube can be placed in order to take over from the fizz to complete the anesthesia when it must be long.

We then mow the area to be operated, the waste from the mowing is vacuumed with a vacuum cleaner. Thereafter, the animal is disinfected by a very strict procedure using surgical disinfection products.
Then it is led to the sterile block.

The surgical preparation room is a space dedicated to the preparation of your companion, with all the necessary tools and equipment, to prepare and care for your companions before and After an intervention.

Reminder: during an operation requiring long-term anesthesia, 3 people take care of your pet: a veterinarian, an operative assistant, and another person who is in charge of the anesthesia.