Dogs Health Cards N°28. Distemper



Carré is an infectious and contagious disease, spread all over the world. Very contagious, it is caused by a Paramixovirus transmitted in the air by the secretions of the infected dog. The infection first affects the upper respiratory tract, and the tonsils. From there the virus gains different organs through the blood circulation (viremia).

Symptoms of the disease of Square

Abatement, lack of appetite, temperature above 40 ° C. Since this virus has a variety of localizations, the disease is manifested in various forms: respiratory form, intestinal form, nervous form.

Respiratory Form: The most common. In addition to the symptoms mentioned above, it first results in a dry irritation cough soon followed by a fat cough with expectoration, nasal discharge, and conjunctivitis accompanied by photophobia (intolerance to light). It may be accompanied by secondary bacterial infections causing bronchopneumonia.

Intestinal form: Like all gastrointestinal infections, it results in dysentery disorders with emission of liquid stools loaded with mucus and sometimes blood. The general condition of the animal may subsequently deteriorate as a result of the concomitant infestation of intestinal parasites or the occurrence of secondary bacterial enteritis.

Nervous Form: Before attacking the nervous system, the virus has already developed one of the forms cited above. It is difficult to establish a chronological order of the onset of the disorders, lesions and manifestations varying according to the organs affected.

In some cases, the dog shows motor movement disorders, its limbs are agitated with irregular and disorderly movements as if it were drunk. It can be paralyzed from one limb or all limbs and suffer from muscle atrophy. If the central nervous system has been reached, it will suffer from epileptic seizures, incoordination of joint movements, localized muscle contractions (nervous tics), which can even touch the optic nerve and cause blindness.

When the infection affects the central or peripheral nervous system, our friend is seriously threatened. Even if he survives, he will have nerve damage. Each of these forms may be accompanied by skin disorders resulting in rashes on the thighs or abdomen and hyperkeratosis (increased thickness of the stratum corneum of the epidermis) of the pads and the truffle.

Treatment for Carré Disease

There is no specific antiviral therapy for Disease Control. It will be up to your veterinarian to prescribe treatment on a case-by-case basis, judging the severity and location of the disease. In the case of Carré disease, as in all other viruses, sanitary measures are of prime importance. Secondary bacterial infections are usually cured with broad-spectrum antibiotics (penicillin, cloramphenicol, etc.).


The disease of Square frequently touches the puppies. You will reduce the risk of infection by having them vaccinated preventively under medical supervision.