Medical Information Cards N°12. The pubertal consultation

The pubertal consultation is an important appointment in the life of your companion. It allows growth stage control, assessment of dental status, verification and adaptation of vaccination status, an aid in the behavioral development of the puppy or kitten.

Do not take advice for your pet between 3 and 15 months, it is a bit like, in all proportions, to raise a child without doctor, without dentist, without school between 6 and 25 years.

The interest and richness of this visit lies in the interaction between the master and the veterinarian, including an adaptation of the prevention of diseases and parasite infestations and this according to the way of life of each one: A hunting dog or a field cat does not run the same risks as a city dog ​​or a house cat, but they all require special care.

Finally, the consultation pubertaire is the occasion to discuss the possibility of sterilization, often advised in the dog, the cat and the cat.