Consultations are made by all clinic veterinarians. In addition to general medicine, each of them has special areas of interest and skills. You can ask our nurses for an appointment with the practitioner of your choice:

The most frequent reasons for consultation are:

- Pediatric visit: This visit allows you to check the health of your puppy or kitten, answer your questions, and provide you with the most relevant advice. Do not hesitate to contact our nurses before acquiring or adopting an animal: the arrival of a new companion in the family is an important change, and it deserves reflection.

- Annual health visit: This visit allows a regular check on the state of health of your animal. We are here to look after ourselves, but our role is primarily to prevent health problems. This visit is the focal point of this prevention approach, and most of the time it is accompanied by a vaccination.

- Geriatric visit: As for man, the life expectancy of dogs and cats is constantly increasing. We are taking care of more and more elderly animals, and these geriatric visits are the opportunity to carry out specific check-ups to detect as early as possible the disorders related to aging. Early diagnosis allows early treatment of senescence disorders, thus increasing the well-being and comfort of our old companions