New Pets Cards N°05. Presentation of the ferret

The ferret is a domestic animal. The female weighs between 600 and 900 g and the male between 1 and 2 kg. Its life expectancy is 5 to 11 years.

Affectionate and playful, the ferret is a pet that can be kept in cage, with some free outings in the house. The cage must be large, if possible in stages, and sheltered from drafts. It can be covered with wood shavings and must have a clean corner for food distribution (ferret-specific croquettes), a special area for the needs (ferrets sometimes get used to cat litter) and a sleeping area ( Hut, hammock, pullover).

Beware, however, of objects that young ferrets can shred and swallow. A prostrate ferret with vomiting may be occluded by foreign bodies and should be treated urgently by a veterinarian.

The ferret can reproduce from 8-12 months for males and 7-10 months for females.

The breeding season lasts from December to August. After a gestation of 42 days, the female gives birth to 2 to 12 pups. She will nurse them for 6 to 8 weeks.

Be careful, if a ferret is not breeding with a male, it is important to have it sterilized, because of the severe anemia risks associated with repeated heat without mating.

Early sterilization (around the age of 6-8 months) of both males and females also limits the development of glands on the skin, responsible for the unpleasant odor of the animal.

Every year, it is necessary to vaccinate the ferret against the disease of Square, most often fatal disease.