New Pets Cards N°01. Take care of his dwarf rabbit

  • Type hermine
  • Lion's Head
  • Short hair
  • Rabbit Aries


Language :

Short protest short to rabbit rouspete
Grunt at the male wooing the female
Blowing and grunting precedes a lightning strike, defense and aggression signals
Crisis acute to fear, pain
Grinding of large tooth teeth
Rubbing jaws to the rabbit feels good

Body language :

Make the beautiful to get a better visual field

Rolling to extreme well-being

Tread and claw to pregnant female, excited male, dominance, need to receive more attention

Giving nose to greetings

Pushing your hand back in search of tranquility

Lick with expression of his affection

Shake your head briefly

Echine bent to submission

Resting squatting

Sleeping on the side needs to sleep

Stretching from the front of the body to curiosity

The rabbit is a territorial animal, and relatively dominant. You must teach him as soon as possible to share his territory: otherwise pay attention to bites when you put his hand in his cage, even to feed him. He is very curious, and participates in family life: that said, he remains very timid and suspicious; He will learn little by little to accept the noises and movements that surround him.

Very good playmate, it can prove to be a "puppy who goes to get his baballe": naturally, the rabbit loves to move everything (manger, sticks to nibble, ...). It is very fun to teach him to run after a bullet, or to throw him a toy that he will raise himself ...


The cage of the rabbit should be longer than high. Its litter must be comfortable and non-injurious: avoid cat litter, crushed wood, any irritating support such as pure sawdust. Prefer wood chips, special NAC plant litter, or newsprint. Do not hesitate to add straw, and hay that will change regularly if they are contaminated by urine. It is not necessary to change the cage tray every day: once a week is enough, as soon as you remove all soils.

It is advisable to remove the rabbit at least two hours a day always under surveillance: the rabbit gnaws anything that can pass under its nose (especially the electric wires!). Avoid getting him up and down the sofas: at the height of a rabbit, the fall is hard ...

The rabbit is naturally clean: in his cage you will notice that he always needs the same place: you can place a litter there; Outside you will not have trouble making him understand where to do his needs, if he has not already understood.


Hay of good quality at will !!! It regulates digestion, does not fatten, and contains essential nutrients.

Rabbit seed in reasonable quantities: refer to the manufacturer's advice on the daily amount to be administered.

Vegetables and fruits, given at room temperature, sparingly; Avoid cabbage, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, courgette, eggplant, red beet and raw potato; Potato sprouts and raw beans are toxic.

The rabbit must gnaw: sticks to gnaw and hard bread are welcome.

But above all clean and fresh water at will !!!


Never take the rabbit by the ears: there is a risk of a so-called cardiac oto-cardiac reflex.

The teeth of the rabbit grow in continuity: any anorexia, excessive salivation, or deformation in the jaws or even the eye must challenge you.
Do not worry if your rabbit eats his droppings: this is a completely normal behavior; He needs it to synthesize certain vitamins necessary for his organism