Fishes Health Card

Fishes Health Cards 1. Lighting your aquarium

Lighting your aquarium, In addition to TH and THC, pH, CO2, heating or filtration (ie clean water and NH3 content), one of the most important parameters for health and quality of life Of your fish is lighting. Light is one of the parameters determining the health of your fish, especially the respect of the biological rhythms, as well as for the growth of your plants (photosynthesis). To master this aspect of the aquarium, it will be important to know what equipment to use, how to position it, and to respect a reasonable lighting duration, luminous spectrum and luminous intensity.

Fishes Health Cards N°02. Filtration of your aquarium

Filtration of your Aquarium Regardless of the type of aquarium you own, and regardless of the species and number of fish and plants that are housed there, water filtration is essential. In fact, very quickly a number of organic waste will accumulate, polluting the water and compromising the proper biological balance of your aquarium and the health of its residents. This waste is visible to the naked eye (plant debris, food remains, animal waste ...), but also invisible: it is the nitrogenous waste, which is responsible for the increase in ammonia and nitrate levels in water , And which are obviously harmful to the health of your fish.