Horses Health Cards N°09. The mange of the horse

Scabies is an extremely contagious skin condition due to mites. There are three types that are characterized by their location:

The sarcoptic mange that affects the withers, the head, the neck, the shoulder. It manifests itself through severe itching and the appearance of pimples and crusts leading to depilations on the places mentioned. Extension to the whole body is possible. This itching can disturb the rest of the animal and have important repercussions on the general state of the animal

The psoroptic mange that is localized to the mane. It is less severe than the previous one, but causes severe itching as well as oozing or even bleeding crusts; The hair is ruffled, broken
The chorioptic scabies which mainly concern the limbs (pasterns, balls) with the appearance of crusts, depilations accompanied once again by strong itching. Because of this itching, the animal hits its hoofs against the door of the box, tramples, bites the balls ... resulting in the formation of wounds and crevasses. Extension to guns, then hocks and knees is possible.

Given the contagiousness of the disease, the first thing to do is to isolate the animal and not to use the same material (cork, footpad, saddle, blanket ...) for this horse and for others.

The treatment is long and not always obvious. The veterinarian will prescribe you the most suitable product for the affection and your horse. There are powders, solutions to be used in sprays, lotions or baths, intended only for external use. For the premises, a disinfections of the material and floors to the cresyl is essential.

Attention, scabies is a zoonosis so transmissible to humans. Hygiene measures (washing hands, avoiding contact with children) are essential.