Dogs Health Cards N°31. Natural remedies to fight your dog's stress

Stress is unfortunately not an evil reserved to humans alone. Our pets also suffer. And this anxiety can sometimes gnaw them to the point of making them sick.Chute hair, skin infections from scratching or excessive licking, behavior problems: stress can have serious consequences on dogs as well as on cats.

Fortunately there are treatments to help them, and for those who prefer soft methods, here are some natural treatment ideas for treating a stressed dog. However, it should be remembered that all these therapies do not replace visits to the veterinarian or behavioral therapy and that These remedies should not be prepared for luck.


Essential oils are used in many ways to disinfect your dog, act against parasites, stimulate the animal's defenses, soothe muscle pain, but also fight against stress. Among the most effective oils, true lavender , Which also acts on various disorders of nervous origin such as asthma or digestive spasms. Marjoram with shell is also used to calm anxiety in dogs, such as expensive Roman chamomile or mandarin. Herbal medicine

Some plants can help calm nervous and stressed dogs. For example, hawthorn, valerian, passionflower, lavender or St. John's wort are known for their rebalancing virtues. Be very vigilant. Some plants are toxic to our pets and what one can give a dog can harm a cat and vice versa.

So check out an experienced herbalist before you go into herbal medicine. Bach Flowers, Several Bach Flowers can be used to fight stress in dogs. Aspen (aspen), for example, is given to dogs suffering from undefinable fears, Cherry Plum (Prunier myrobolan) is used for dogs that stress makes aggressive or destructive while Rock Rose (Heliantheme) is used in case of panic Extreme, terror, following an accident, attacking another dog, etc. The Rescue is used in its immediate situation to fight sudden fear or unusual nervousness.Massage

Massages are also excellent ways to relax a stressed dog. You can use an aromatic gel made with a nut of gel of aloe vera or carbopol, a drop of essential oil of mandarin and a drop of essential oil of marjoram, indicates Nathalie Grosrey, herbalist and teacher in The Lyonnaise School of Plants Médicinales.

With this gel, you will massage the two spines of your dog's spine starting from the base of the tail to go up to the base of the skull.