Dogs Health Cards N° 08. My dog - how to administer it tablets and syrups?



Just like you, your dog will sometimes be sick and it is likely that you will need to administer medication prescribed by your veterinarian. The use of a good method will make life easier for everyone.

You should always strictly follow the instructions your veterinarian has given you. You must administer the full amount of prescribed medication for the duration of the veterinarian.

Tablets and capsules

1st step
Place the tablet or capsule between your thumb and index finger in one hand.
Grasp your dog's upper jaw with your thumb and forefinger on the other hand.

step 2
Gently push your dog's upper lip over his teeth as you open his mouth. You are less likely to be bitten like this.

step 3
Turn your wrist so as to spill your dog's head so that his eyes fix the ceiling
Slowly lower the lower jaw of your dog with the middle finger.

step 4
Place your middle finger on the small incisors of your dog and place the tablet or capsule as deeply as possible on his tongue.
Immediately close your dog's mouth.
While holding the mouth, let down the head to allow him to swallow more easily.

step 5
Rub the throat of your dog or blow on his muzzle to make him swallow.


Liquids and syrups

Prepare the amount of fluid recommended by your veterinarian. Shake the bottle or bottle if indicated.

step 1
First, fill a syringe or a dropper of the drug.
The liquid medication must be poured into the jugal pocket, that is, into the space between the dog's teeth and cheek.
Hold your dog's jaws closed and slightly tilt his head backwards.

step 2
Carefully insert the medicine contained in the syringe or dropper into your dog's chest pocket.

step 3
Hold your dog's mouth shut
Rub his throat or blow on his muzzle to make him swallow.

step 4
If your dog has a sick or spitting drug, lower his head and calm him down.
Wait a few minutes, then try again.

Practical advice

  • Always read the label carefully.
  • Ask your veterinarian if the drug can be given with food or if it should be administered to the fasted animal. If the medicine can be given with food, simply place the tablet or capsule in a small piece of ground meat.
  • Ask a friend or family member to help you.
  • When the size of the animal allows it, it is easier to administer medication if the animal is placed on a table.
  • When you give a medication, remain calm, because your pet can feel your nervousness, which will make your task more difficult. You must always congratulate and reward it.