Dogs Health Cards N° 02. My dog - His education



Communication: the basis of a good relationship
As is the case with people, establishing a good relationship between a dog and its master is based on communication. Dogs communicate with each other using body signals. What is more natural, therefore, that they use the same language with humans. It is up to you, the owner, to interpret these signals and to teach your puppy or dog how to communicate his needs and desires, whether eating, going out, playing or ... Receive a little affection from you!

Rewarding good behavior
Parents often do not think of congratulating their children when they behave well, but they will never pass their bad shots in silence. Now, we tend to act in the same way with our pets. We do not pay attention to them when they are calm and behave well, but if they behave badly, then we take care of them. It is much better to do the opposite and reward behaviors and ignore those we deem undesirable.

Decency is not just for humans!
One of the most important lessons your puppy or dog should learn is that it must sit down before you can interact with you or anyone else. It is easy to teach a puppy or even to an adult dog to sit down. Dogs can learn at any age, as long as the lessons are repeated often and the sessions are short and fun.

Step 1
For starters, hold a special reward, such as a piece of cheese, between two fingers.
Place your hand near your dog's muzzle.

2nd step
Raise your hand above its muzzle, then back off. Your dog will follow the reward of the head.
He will eventually sit down, because it will be more comfortable.

Step 3
As soon as he sits, tell him "sit down" and give him his reward. As a dog always makes the connection between what he and you are doing at the same time, he will associate the action of sitting with the word "sitting" and a reward - at this point, food.

Ignore unwanted behavior ...
The dog, like the human, is a sociable being who needs interactions. The fact of not paying attention to it is therefore a very effective passive punishment. For example, if your dog jumps on you, cross your arms, turn away your head and remain silent until it stops. Do not try to push him away, do not look at him and do not talk to him, because he could interpret your reactions as a mark of attention or even a game. When your pet finally sits down, reward him by giving him All your attention and give it a treat.

If, in the past, you have allowed your puppy or dog to attract your attention by jumping or jumping on you, you must understand that if you ever decide to ignore such behaviors, your pet will redouble, Efforts to try to attract your attention again. It is the same thing that happens when a person presses the button of an elevator and the doors do not open. She starts pressing the button continuously before resigning herself to the stairs. To successfully change the behavior of your dog, you must ignore all his efforts - and arm yourself with patience.

... or create a diversion
Dogs react when viewed in the eyes. Call your puppy or your dog by name. As soon as he looks at you, give him a treat. Repeat this simple exercise on all kinds of occasions, to make him understand that he gains to be interested in you. Calling your pet by name is an effective way to interrupt, and thus eliminate, undesirable behavior. Making an unusual noise is another way to divert his attention. Once you have caught the attention of your dog, you can ask him to come to you or sit down.

Playing can also be learned!
Puppies like dogs need to exercise and play, in addition to having contacts and interactions with people and other dogs. You have to teach them that they have the right to play only with toys and that their hands or feet are not. If your dog seizes a hand or foot, intentionally or not, you must interrupt such behavior either by ignoring it or by shouting "ouch". As soon as he gives up, give him a big toy and start playing with him again.