Reception Room

Salle D'accueil

A sectorized reception area is devoted to you.

The secretariat welcomes you every day from Monday to Saturday during the opening hours, the clinic is open from 13:00 to 15:00 for emergencies, but also for your requests and / or advice, as well as for your purchases of food and treatments . This service is made up of 4 auxiliaries, who welcome you every day to provide you with personalized service and advice for the well-being and health of your companion.

For any special requests or problems, Ms Attia Meriem is a privileged interlocutor of the secretariat, as she is in charge of this service.

The clinic is voluntarily open to the outside, through these vast glass windows

A bowl of fresh water is available at the clinic for your companions.
Worried about their well-being, you will find information about current events and seasonality, so you can better prevent certain pathologies.

When you come to the clinic, the auxiliaries invite you to go to the two waiting rooms, which are spacious, to avoid any confrontation between the dogs.

A screen placed in the waiting room brings you a lot of information, it continuously disseminates information about the health of your companions.

We also offer products that we have selected for their quality (food, hygiene products and care).

Finally, in order to guarantee the safety of your companions in the reception room, we kindly ask you to keep the dogs on a leash and keep the cats in their transport cage. In case of forgetfulness, we have at your disposal transport cages as well as leashes and collars. Thank you in advance for your understanding.