P (dog): 150 dhs
CHPPi (dogs): 200 DHs
CHPL (dog): 150 dh
CHPLR (dog): 200 dhs
CHPPI (Dog): 200
CRP (cats): 200 dhs
Rage: 100 dhs


Canine / Feline: 50 dhs
Custody: 100 dhs
Night: 200 dhs
Specialized consultation: 200 dhs


Castration dog: Starting at: 600 dhs
Castration chat: 200 dhs
Dog sterilization: Starting at: 1200 dhs
Pussy sterilization: 400 dhs


Dog: 600 dhs
Chat: 400 dhs

Identification :

Additional chip: 400 dhs
Electronic chip + CHPPiLR vaccine: 600 dhs
Tattoo under AG: 500 dhs

Digital radiography:

Single: 200 dhs
Double: 300 dhs


Gestation, abdominal: 200 dhs
Genitourinary: 200 dhs
Endoscopy: 1000-1500 dhs

Surgery (indicative prices):

Crossed ligaments: 3000 dhs
Caesarean section: from 2000 dhs
Perineal hernia: 3000 dhs
Detailed quote on request.

Discount rates are offered to owners of several animals.

Rates are always difficult to compare between clinics:
Some clinics additionally charge dressings, anesthesia or wire removal for example.

Buying a cheaper product is usually a good deal. For a service, whether it is a consultation or an operation, to seek the lowest price often leads to give up a quality service: general hygiene, management of the pain, monitoring of the correct animal.

Do not hesitate to ask us for quotations but also our opinion on the advisability of this or that intervention.